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UPDATE: As of 6/24/2022, the Supreme Court has officially overturned Roe V Wade, ending federal protection of abortion access and prompting multiple states to begin enacting laws to restrict, ban, and even criminalize abortion. This means efforts must be increased to ensure that anyone who needs an abortion has some way to access one.

For a quick-stop guide, take a look at The Cut's article on channeling anger towards action. 


The most effective place to direct your money is your local abortion fund or your local legal defense fund for people who have been criminalized for seeking abortions. These funds are essential for providing resources and money to people who desperately need it, as many states have made seeking abortions almost impossible, even with Roe V Wade not yet being stripped.

To find a fund in your area:

National Network of Abortion Funds

PNW specific funds:

Northwest Abortion Access Fund

Midwest specific funds:

Midwest Access Coalition

Texas specific funds:

The Lilith Fund

Texas Equal Access Fund

Fund Texas Choice

Legal reproductive rights defense funds:

The If/When/How Repro Legal Defense Fund


Donating your time is another great way to fight back - here are just a few ideas and resources:

If you live in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota or South Dakota you can become an Abortion Escort through Planned Parenthood and provide essential emotional support for people seeking abortion, as they often encounter combative anti-abortion protesters when seeking care.


The people who govern us do not get to make sweeping decisions that restrict our rights without consequence. They should hear from us. We need to fill their phones and inboxes until they cannot set foot into their offices without being bombarded by the people they have just stripped of basic rights. 

To be a governor is to be in service of the people, held accountable by the people.

Find your state governors and contact them about abortion and reproductive rights. Even if it won't change their mind, flood them until they cannot ignore you.

Locate local abortion rallies in your area. Protesting in front of public places, like city halls and courts, is fair game - be safe, but go for visibility. You have a right to protest.

Though you will hopefully never have to, finding resources for self-managed abortion - for either yourself or another - may be an option you are forced to take. If you decide to do this, do so very carefully, keeping in mind potential legal repercussions.

Plan C is a website dedicated to providing information about medical abortion and how to access the materials for such a thing in all states.

If you must track your period, it is best to do this ON PAPER.

If you use an online period tracker, follow Planned Parenthood's advice or consider using a VPN.

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